Spaghetti, Showers and Interior Moisture Management
Water on your interior window sill is not always a sign of water intrusion originating from the exterior side of your home.  Sometimes, condensation on your windows is the direct result of moisture that is generated from inside the home

Within every home there are many interior sources of water vapor. These sources include toilets, sinks, showers, baths, dishwashers, people, pets, cooking (especially when steaming or boiling food), as well as washers and dryers.  When this vapor comes in contact with cooler services such as window glazing, it condenses. 

Over the decades, increased energy-efficiency codes have led to “tighter” homes that, when not properly designed, can lead to excess moisture vapor inside the home and increased condensation.

The 6 Keys to Responding to Emergency Water Leaks
Damage to your home caused by water leaks can be one of the more devastating things one experiences. Clearly, the ideal scenario is to prevent this from occurring in the first place – a topic we have discussed at some length on previous email articles.

That said, sometimes the undesirable and unexpected happens. So, when a pipe breaks or another event occurs that causes water to be released where it doesn’t belong, it is essential to know how to respond.

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