Building a Winner - Extraordinary Projects

Wes Snowden, one of our team members who is an award-winning Disaster Solutions and Reconstruction Team Leader, provides his insights from his experience working on several award-winning projects. We are grateful for Wes and his many contributions to the Charter team - I am confident you will appreciate his perspective.-  

Peter Saladino, President

Building a Winner — Extraordinary Projects

By Wes Snowden
Charter Disaster Solutions and Reconstruction Team Leader, Seattle 

Over the years I have had the privilege to work on many projects with our Charter team. Each project has its own way of bringing a great deal of satisfaction both to our team as well as to our many satisfied customers. 

That said, there are a few projects that have a special place in my heart – because not only were they interesting, independent professional organizations recognize each one as an award-winning project.  

One of the organizations in which we participate as a Company is the Restoration Industry Association. Consisting of over 2800 Restoration contractors, this national group recognized Charter Construction in both 2015 and 2017 – once for a restoration project involving rebuilding a damaged structure; the other for a remediation effort during which we were able to quickly step in to limit ongoing damage from a significant and destructive event at another structure. 

A third award was the recognition Charter received in 2016 from the Washington State Association of General Contractors. This project has a special place in my book because it involved a flooded skilled-nursing facility at a city on the Washington Coast. Housing 110 residents/patients it was also the only facility of its kind within a fifty-mile radius. When an unusually high rainfall combined with a rare high-tide struck this coastal town, the facility was submerged under two feet of water. The damage was so extensive that it was quickly evacuated, sending patients to local area hospitals for the ongoing care they required.  

The task for Charter was to restore/remodel it to full working condition with both local building-code-approval as well as re-licensing by the Washington State Department of Health – and to do it all in 90 days or less. In conjunction with the insurance company, as well as city and State officials, the Charter team went right to work. We were not only able to meet the deadline so that the residents could move back in, but we also worked with specialized engineering consultants to construct a flood retention system that should prevent any future flooding in the area from adversely affecting this facility. 

What does it mean to receive recognition for these projects? 

For our Charter team-members, it is a powerful internal motivator to be a part of a company that is recognized by our industry peers on both the State and National level – it makes us all quietly proud to serve together on this team.  

Even more importantly, for our customers these awards are a statement by third-party experts, including our competitors, that the work we do – the services we provide – will meet or exceed their every expectation. And for me, it is a privilege to participate in each project we undertake.

And it is humbling to have the peers in our industry recognize the outcomes our team strives so hard to achieve for our customers. 

Thanks, Wes, for your valuable insight and years of partnership with the Charter team! Your perspective and wisdom are an asset to all of us and to those we serve together. 

Charter Construction has performed Repairs, Renovations, and New Construction for 35 years. As always, if you have any questions regarding your home or building, our seasoned team of professionals is prepared to assist you with your construction needs.  

Please contact our Team at 206-382-1900 in Seattle or 503-546-2600 in Portland. 

Very Truly Yours, 
Peter Saladino
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