Can You Really Keep 344 Clients Happy? A day in the life of a Resident Liaison.

At Charter Construction, we specialize in working on occupied buildings. In other words, the construction activity takes place in and around people’s homes, residences and offices while they are living or working there. This can be challenging for all involved. As a result, many years ago, Charter created a unique strategy to keep everyone well informed throughout the various phases of a project by establishing the position of Resident Liaison. The Resident Liaison is responsible for communication with the community or client we are serving. That’s my role on the Charter Team.

Although there are many important aspects to this position, the number one thing that I strive for is to always be 100 percent truthful and absolutely consistent in providing information to those who need it, when they need it. This is vital to establishing trust, which is the basis of great communication, relationships and client satisfaction.

At the start of a project we hold a formal “kick-off” meeting for all the residents and owners in the community before we begin actual construction activity. We make it clear that my role is to serve as the single point of contact for communication for the duration of the project. Thus, residents know at all times who to contact for all project related matters. I let people know that they can reach me 24 hours a day for a project-related emergency. Providing this information at the outset of our projects goes a long way to alleviating initial fears and concerns about how the community will be kept informed. It also allows the construction team to stay focused on getting the job done in a timely way, since the resident liaison will be handling the bulk of client questions and concerns.

I communicate using a broad spectrum of tools. We provide notification by email, posting information on doors, weekly updates regarding work performed during the current week and updates on what is scheduled in the upcoming week. We create a project website that is kept current along the way and we provide email updates for off-site owners. We also provide telephone communication in addition to all of the various written communication channels.

As a Charter representative, I will bring perspectives and insights that I receive from homeowners back to the Charter team for consideration and advocate for any adjustments that might be helpful to all involved. Some of this information is then used for continuously improving our communication processes on future projects.

It is my experience that people in a community often have little experience with and limited understanding of many facets of the construction repair process. That is why I seek to inform and educate them throughout the project and to do it when it is related to each phase of the project underway. Often this means providing daily updates, which I have done for up to a thousand home-owner units. I have learned to listen carefully to resident and owner concerns and to seek to provide extra support where doing so is helpful. Having explained the work that our crews will be doing, all of us on the Charter team seek diligently to meet or exceed our commitment to our clients.

I often find that when I work with the community and provide the service of a true liaison, everyone is able to move through the construction process more smoothly and productively. Simply stated, when people realize they have someone they can rely on, it is truly a win-win for everyone!

Thanks Lisa, for your valuable insight and years of partnership and commitment on the Charter team! Your experience and wisdom are an asset to all of us and to those we serve.

Charter Construction has performed Repairs, Renovations, and New Construction for 34 years. As always, if you have any questions regarding your home or building, our seasoned team of professionals is prepared to assist you with your construction needs.

Please contact our Team at 206-382-1900 in Seattle or 503-546-2600 in Portland.

Very Truly Yours,

Peter Saladino
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