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Dream what we can build for you…delight in the result

Charter’s reputation was built in the custom home business, and 30 years later those first customers still call us friends.

That’s because each of us is driven by a “whatever it takes” ethos.  We treat every custom home project as unique and deserving of unrivaled craftsmanship and pride in workmanship. When you work with Charter, it’s personal.   We share in your dreams. We get to know you every step of the way. And we build to your expectations and aspirations. Together, we are collaborative stewards of your architect’s vision and passionate advocates for your dream.  

When you work with Charter, you will be  engaged and informed at each step. Custom home building is a personal, intimate partnership, and one which we take seriously. From pouring the foundation to turning the front-door key, we’re here to deliver the quality, care and service that you deserve.  

At Charter, we are not building a home for just anybody, we are building it for you 

Custom Homes Specialty Projects

Our passion and dedication works at any scale. That’s why our team of project managers, superintendents, and expert craftspeople focused exclusively on remodels and specialty projects has earned a reputation as the go-to contractor for architects and homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest. Agile, smart, and up for any challenge, this team has hundreds of projects of demonstrated excellence in its portfolio. 

Custom Homes Service and Maintenance

We build homes of unrivaled quality. Because we know how to build them to be the best, we are uniquely qualified to know precisely how to keep them at their best. From routine inspections and scheduled maintenance services to managing the unexpected, we protect your home from time, everyday wear, and more—ensuring it’s always in that Day One condition.
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