17 Ways to Winterize Your Home

September 22, 2019
It’s that time of year again, as both warm weather and summer fun start to leave us, and mother nature begins changing the first few leaves into autumn. We all know Pacific Northwest autumnal days can be as fun and beautiful as summer, but what isn’t fun are the possible structural issues on your home that can develop from water intrusion throughout the wet winter.

Here are a few tips to protect your home against the impending rain, snow, ice, and cold of those long winter nights. Don’t wait too long on this Winterization checklist, it could be the difference between expensive repairs vs. curling-up next to the fire to enjoy that good book as you watch the snowfall.

17 Winterization Checklist:
  1. Clean gutters & downspouts
  2. Inspect & clean trench & storm drains
  3. Inspect the perimeter of the house for proper drainage away from the building
  4. Drain exterior spigots & insulate
  5. Drain & shut off the sprinkler system
  6. Inspect roof flashings
  7. Inspect & clean roofing
  8. Remove window screens & install storm windows
  9. Check windows & doors for air leaks
  10. Inspect weather-stripping around doors
  11. Inspect siding
  12. Inspect exterior building penetrations
  13. Check soffits for moisture build-up
  14. Inspect attic vents for any blockages
  15. Tune-up & test heating system
  16. Replace furnace filter & inspect the ductwork
  17. Winterize air conditioner
This checklist is put together by the professionals at Charter Construction and is suitable for condominium/multifamily residential properties, commercial buildings, and single-family homes. If you need help on more significant inspections and maintenance projects, contact us: Portland, contact Ray Myers at 503-546-2600 or ray.myers@chartercon.com; Seattle, contact Mike Cruse at 206-382-1900, or mike.cruse@chartercon.com.

Click here for a printed version of the 17 To-Dos for Home Winterization Checklist.

Enjoy your Fall 2019/Winter 2020.
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