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Charter's Specialty Projects Team: Little Things Make A Big Difference.

At Charter, we want to be a partner for the life of your building. That means we’re here for you on the smaller projects that are sometimes more frustrating for clients than the big ones.  Our team consists of highly skilled employees with broad construction skills and a passion for quality. We haven’t seen a problem yet that couldn’t be fixed. From the leak you can’t track down to problems with siding, windows or gutters, you’ll sleep better with Charter on the job.

Charter’s Services Include:

Exterior Repairs

Siding, Roofs, Window Leaks, Gutters, Caulking, Flashings, Stairs, Paint, Decks, Concrete, Handrails, Fencing

Interior Repairs
Drywall, Paint, Finish carpentry, Mold remediation, Framing

Interior Improvements
Tenant Improvements, Remodels, Interior high end finishes, Cabinetry, Soundproofing

Fire Code Improvements
Fire caulking, Fire walls, Improve egress

Charter Construction Services