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We right what's wrong — the right way.

We go far beyond the quick fix. Solving the problems of a building damaged by water intrusion, or construction defects can be a complex process. It’s just as technically challenging as new construction. From initial investigation all the way through to estimating and reconstruction, we lead owners and residents through the entire process. We live to fix buildings the right way so people can get back to enjoying their life.

Charter Construction Services
One of the most important areas that impressed us was the way that Charter handled our tenant relations throughout the timeline of this project. They are the most professional group we have worked with.

Gary V. Guarisco
Chinook Way Apartments | Portland, Oregon
There aren't enough words to praise Loren and his crew..They worked together like a well-oiled machine.

Lois Shenker
Lincoln Tower at The American Plaza | Portland, Oregon
Charter repaired 291 homes in my homeowner's association on-time, and on-budget, even after change orders.

Adam Gretzinger, Former President
Arbor Station | Beaverton, Oregon
The best part of the project is that Charter completed all the work that was projected including unexpected work that presented itself once the project began, and all under the budget.

John G. Moats, Board President
Avalon Condos | Portland, Oregon
All aspects of reaching this final state of repair, from negotiations to the final walkthrough, has been a pleasure and one we'll always remember, especially as we sit and enjoy our decks.

Donna Anderson Rezabek
Amhurst Condominium
The Charter team were thorough and organized, the condominium board never had to get involved with logistical matters, which was greatly appreciated.

Gosia Fonbert, Board President
Clay Street Commons | Portland, Oregon
All the workers, from the supervisors to the laborers, were polite, happy, and considerate.

Shawna Rohner
Devonshire Townhomes | Lake Oswego, Oregon
The project was completed in a professional manner with very little disruption to our business. Charter is professional, organized and very pleasant to work with.

Ronald Smith
Jason Lee Manor | Salem, Oregon
They listened to our expressed feats and gave us tangible assurances that met or exceeded our expectations. Simply put, they worked with us.

Patricia O'Donnell
Loft at the Round | Beaverton, Oregon
We especially thank the two who repaired our home, Jim and Francisco. We dealt with them daily, and we're grateful for their professionalism, expertise, the way they cared for our home, and their cooperative attitude.

Phillip and Linda Miller
Private Home | Vancouver, Washington
From the moment we made the decision (having interviewed two other firms) through contract negotiations, their initial presentation to the unit owners, the launch of work and the handling of the inevitable problems, they have been professional and a pleasure to work with.

Andrew Andoniadis
Bethany Village Condos | Portland, Oregon
Their staff is easy to work with and very good at communicating both verbally as well as with written documentation. Their site work and supervision have been very strong resulting in a quality work project. Without hesitation we recommend them.

Mike Masat
Rose Community Development | Portland, Oregon
It's a rare day when one or another owner doesn't approach me with praise for these new windows, and more recently, for the excellent work on reviewing our balcony. The words I hear most often are "that's a terrific crew of really polite and professional techs..and I love my new windows."

Ferdinand Boyce
Royal Crest Condominiums | Seattle, Washington
This project was a challenging project from several perspectives and I was pleased to see that Charter Construction rose to meet the challenge at all times in order to make the project a success.

Jerry Green
Beaverton School District | Beaverton, Oregon
Charter came through for us, patiently reassuring anxious homeowners while working throughout the worst December weather in many years. They reduced some expenses by coordinating the project with another part of our development that had engaged Charter for similar defect work.

Ann Koppy
Village Condominium | Beaverton, Oregon
Charter performed magnificently and we are very happy with the outcome. Charter consistently insisted on quality, would not cut corners and did not go over their quoted bid.

Four Seasons Secretary
Four Seasons Condominiums | Portland, Oregon
In addition to being chairman of the HOA, I am also a retired architect and have worked with many contractors over my career. I would rate Charter among the best in my experience and offer my highest recommendation of them.

Dale H. Porath
Graystone at Altamont Condominiums | Portland, Oregon
Because of the way the work was sequenced, each resident was without water for only a few hours during the entire project. When the work was finished, one could not tell where the walls and ceiling had been opened up - that's how good the repairs were done! The work was top quality.

Helmut Giegen
Heights at Progress Ridge | Portland, Oregon
I was also impressed that Charter Construction and our consultant, Forensic Waterproofing, worked so well together to solve the intricate engineering details that presented themselves during the construction.

Elise Meyers
The Kings Sqaure North | Portland Oregon
I would heartily recommend Charter Construction for your project. The professional expertise and inter-personal skills of this firm are excellent.

Harriet B. Linville
Peterkort Woods | Portland, Oregon