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Westover Terrace Condominiums - Portland, OR

Westover Terrace Condominiums

Residents of the scenic Westover Terrace community, which is located directly above Northwest 23rd Street in Portland, enjoy views of the sunrise and downtown Portland, as well as Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and Mt. St. Helens. But the windows and sliding glass doors that framed all these beautiful views had serious degradation issues. After Charter did an inspection of the buildings it was determined that all of the wood framed windows and sliding glass doors in the complex had deteriorated to the point that they had to be replaced.

Westover Terrace Condominiums is located on a steep slope, which made the logistics of installing windows above the first floor challenging. Full scaffolding had to be used on 90 percent of the window installations. In some cases, the windows and sliding glass doors had to be put in place with a crane because they exceeded the limits of the scaffolding setup.

Each condominium owner was contacted individually regarding the window replacement and given a choice of VPI or Marvin windows and sliding glass doors. Replacing the windows also required Charter staff to enter the resident’s units. While working inside the units, Charter staff removed the interior window trim, modified the openings to match the new windows, installed the windows, added new trim, and did touch-up painting. Charter personnel were able to complete two windows a day and each unit had 4-8 windows, the project lasted between two and four days for each resident. The residents only had to vacate their units during working hours while the windows were being installed. They were able to continue living in their units during the construction process.

The project was slated to begin in May to take advantage of the nice weather spring and summer would provide. The project continued into the fall and winter months so appropriate weather proofing measures were added once the weather turned cool and rainy. This project was completed on time and at budget.

Architect: RDH Building Science
Location: Portland, OR
Westover Terrace Condominiums - Portland, OR