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Chinook Way Apartments - Fairview, Oregon

Chinook Way Apartments

Despite a tight budget and schedule, Charter Construction crews performed a full restoration of the water-damaged Chinook Way Apartments in Fairview, OR, stripping buildings of all existing cladding and replacing with new fiber cement siding over a 3/8” rainscreen system.

As a trade ally with the Energy Trust of Oregon, Charter found a way to increase the value of the property and get a substantial cash incentive for the owner by installing all new energy efficient windows, low flow showerheads and compact fluorescent light bulbs in 124 units.

Additional scope involved excavation around the property’s perimeter to install waterproofing and drainage to remediate chronic leaks at foundation walls of the four below-grade parking garages.

Effective communication, frequent site meetings with contractor, consultant and client, and a dedicated project team ensured that the project completed successfully while exceeding client expectations.

Architect: Morrison Hershfield Architects
Location: Fairview, Oregon
Chinook Way Apartments - Fairview, Oregon