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Cambria Hills Condominiums - Bothell, WA
Cambria Hills Condominiums - Bothell, WA Cambria Hills Condominiums - Bothell, WA Cambria Hills Condominiums - Bothell, WA

Cambria Hills Condominiums

Located in Bothell, WA, Cambria Hills is a large condominium complex made up of 18 buildings, with a total of 204 units. The building sustained extensive water damage because of reverse laps in the weather resistive barrier and also because the necessary flashing elements were missing or installed incorrectly. The windows were also failing. The siding on all of the Cambria Hills Condominiums was removed and replaced, as well as the gutters and downspouts, windows, doors, deck guardrails, and vents.

Many of the building materials were upgraded during the remediation process. The existing vinyl siding was replaced with HardiePlank siding. The Charter team replaced the exterior paper-faced gypsum sheathing with DensGlass fiberglass mat sheathing and plywood sheathing replaced existing OSB sheathing. The failing retrofit vinyl windows were upgraded to flanged windows that lap into the weather resistive barrier. The new windows have an excellent energy rating. Flashing was installed in all the critical transitional details. In order to correctly install all of new materials, the Charter team removed and then reinstalled electrical components, lights, and the fire alarm system components.

This project required careful coordination with the unit owners and residents in this 204-unit building in order to ensure the occupant’s safety throughout the construction process. This project had a 12-month schedule. Weather protection was provided as necessary to keep the buildings’ interiors dry during the Pacific Northwest’s long rainy season. Cambria Hills Condominiums are located on a hillside, which made stocking materials and completing various construction processes more complicated. But our team did whatever was necessary to ensure the highest level of safety on the job site for both residents and our construction crew.

Architect: J2 Building Consultants
Location: Bothell, WA
Cambria Hills Condominiums - Bothell, WA