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Columbia Point West Condominiums - Portland, OR Columbia Point West Condominiums - Portland, OR

Columbia Point West Condominiums

Columbia Point West Condominiums, located at Jantzen Beach on the Columbia River in Portland, is a scenic condominium complex with river, mountain, and city views.  The large condominium complex has six buildings and a total of 96 units. Charter Construction was hired to resolve long-standing water intrusion issues that had done extensive damage to the buildings. When this project started, Charter was also managing a project for Columbia Point West’s Pool and Recreation Building.

One of the central issues at Columbia Point West Condominiums was that the back decks on all six buildings - five residence buildings and one club house, had been leaking for quite some time. Before this repair project began, Charter had been hired by Columbia Point West to implement disaster solutions for water intrusion issues, so the Charter team had some experience with this property. On prior visits, our team had made note that proper flashings were completely missing from the decks, windows, and through wall flashings - which means that water wasn’t properly draining from the siding and air was not able to properly circulate under the siding. The cap flashings had been incorrectly secured through the top of each cap, which was allowing water to seep into the wood, gradually doing damage that built up over time. Additionally, sealants were failing in several critical places including around the windows and light fixtures, due to improper installation. The front walkways had been covered with a simple, one-ply vinyl. Over time the vinyl suffered rips, tears, and punctures and water leaked onto the walkways, causing more damage.

The back decks and front walkways were completely replaced, resloped, and coated with waterproof deck coating. New siding was installed on the back and sides of the buildings with proper flashings and a rain screen that will provide proper drainage and air circulation. The front areas of the buildings received targeted siding repairs that enabled our Charter team to integrate waterproof deck coating on the walkways. Venting was installed under the walkways to help prolong their life. In order to integrate proper flashings and deck coatings throughout the complex, the stair tower stringers were removed and reinstalled. New cap flashings were correctly installed in order to eliminate the previous water leaks. Charter also upgraded the existing guardwall to a full height railing.

Managing both this project and the Pool and Recreation Building project scaled up the project management of timelines, subcontractors, and individual projects dramatically. However, by carefully managing all of the elements in play, both projects were finished on time and at budget.

Architect: IBI Building Consultants, Inc.
Location: Portland, OR
Columbia Point West Condominiums - Portland, OR