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Columbia Point West Pool & Recreation Building - Portland, OR

Columbia Point West Pool & Recreation Building

The pool and recreation building at Columbia Point West had not been maintained over time and there was little to no ventilation in the building, which led to a build up of rust. The building was in very poor condition inside and out. The roof was old and damaged, the siding did not have proper flashings, and sliding glass doors had been incorrectly used as windows for the main pool area. When originally built, the pool deck was not sloped properly. Pool water had been ponding, which led to puddles and a slippery, dangerous pool deck. All of the windows and doors in the building had degraded and needed to be completely replaced. The HVAC system wasn’t operating correctly, the fire system was outdated, and the sauna’s equipment had completely broken down. In the exercise room, the rust problem had extended to some of the equipment, making it unusable. The changing rooms and pool did not meet ADA requirements as well.

All the drywall, siding and exterior sheathing, and window framing was removed and replaced with new materials. The equipment to run the pool, including, electrical, mechanical, and the HVAC system, was entirely replaced. Throughout the building, the windows and several skylights were replaced and made larger, allowing much more natural light to flow into the building. As it was failing completely, the entire roof was replaced. Stainless steel ducting was installed throughout the building, which eliminated the rust issue. The pool and spa were completely refinished. In order to meet ADA requirements, the two changing rooms were modified so that they were “Family Style” and a new lift was installed for the pool and spa. To ensure the safety of everyone who uses the recreation center, the fire system was brought up to code. The sauna was completely outfitted with all new equipment. In order to fix the ponding problem, the pool deck was resloped to a trench drain and it also received a new deck coating for improved traction and waterproofing. Ventilation was improved in the exercise room to prevent future rusting.

Charter managed 25 subcontractors for the various projects to update the pool, sauna, exercise room, spa, and the building itself. Space was tight and had to be carefully scheduled and managed throughout the process to ensure each subcontractor had room to work and time to finish their project within their specified timeline. To further complicate the process, the roofing and exterior repairs to the pool building had to be completed during specific weather conditions. Space for materials storage, dropoff, and pickup was tight as there are 96 units in the Columbia Point West (CPW) Condominiums and parking is limited. The related CPW Condominiums Project was happening during the CPW Pool & Recreation Building renovation and coordinating both jobs on a job site with limited space and a specific deadline was a challenge, but Charter finished both jobs on schedule and at budget.

Architect: IBI Building Consultants, Inc.
Location: Portland, OR
Columbia Point West Pool & Recreation Building - Portland, OR