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Lindquist Condominiums - Portland, OR

Lindquist Condominiums

The historic Lindquist Condominium building in Portland, OR houses 19 condominium units. The unreinforced masonry, or brick, building needed seismic bracing upgrades on the inside of its parapet walls and fresh masonry tuckpointing in areas where the brick’s mortar was failing.

The new bracing helps to secure the building parapets, which will make the parapet more able to withstand an earthquake and the associated aftershocks. In accordance with Charter’s reputation for excellence, we carefully selected a skilled and proven brick mason to do the tuckpointing work. Once completed, the tuckpointing work met and exceeded our high expectations.

The Lindquist residents continued living in their units during the construction process. Parking at the building was very limited due to its downtown location. Charter employees parked away from the building and three parking spaces were purchased to provide space for materials dropoff and pickup. Bracing materials for the parapets were very heavy so careful materials coordination was essential to ensure safety for all involved. The Lindquist Condominiums are also very close to power lines so our work on scaffolding had to be carefully planned and coordinated. Our project manager worked closely with Charter’s Director of Safety and the City of Portland to create a plan that allowed us to consistently maintain a safe distance from all power lines while on the scaffolding.

The PNW weather can be challenging when working on a roof-related project like the parapet bracing. Starting this project in July ensured that we would have the best possible working conditions. We also took the proactive step of weatherproofing the entire roof before beginning this project because the repairs would include pulling back the roofing membrane to install the bracing. These two measures ensured that no weather related damage occurred during this project. The specialized tuckpointing and the complex nature of the parapet work meant that the budget could have easily gone over but our project manager’s careful management of the work ensured that this project came in under budget and on time.

Architect: IBI Building Consultants, Inc.
Location: Portland, OR
Lindquist Condominiums - Portland, OR