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Graystone Condominiums - West Mt. Scott, Portland, Oregon

Graystone Condominiums

Graystone at Altamont Condominiums is a 96-unit, 25 building gated community located in Happy Valley, OR. Charter performed the investigation scope of work during the litigation phase and later negotiated with the owners to perform the necessary rehabilitation due to defects in the original construction. To keep within the owners’ budget, Charter worked closely with the HOA to identify value engineering options throughout the project’s duration. 

The result was a net decrease to the original contract amount.Safety was on the forefront throughout this project. With a steeply sloped worksite and tight areas around homes, maneuvering heavy equipment and material storage was a challenge. Out of pocket, Charter installed paths/catwalks along the entire hillside for the safety of all crews. 

The crawlspaces were large (some over 25 feet tall) and posed numerous safety concerns to repair structural deficiencies. Significant structural repairs were made while units remained fully occupied. Despite some of the wettest weather on record, Charter completed the project on schedule.

Architect: RDH Building Sciences
Location: West Mt. Scott, Portland, Oregon
Graystone Condominiums Video