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Jacobs Creek Condominiums - Sammamish, Washington

Jacobs Creek Condominiums

Located in Sammamish, WA, Jacobs Creek Condominiums is a 14 building complex that was plagued by water intrusion and dry rot as a result of defects in its initial construction. Having worked closely with the client through the investigation and litigation phases, Charter fully understood the depth of the deficiencies and how to address them in the repair and re-construction process.

The scope included a complete siding replacement with proper flashing and weatherproofing details; deck replacement, re-sloping and installation of new elastomeric coatings; and roofing repairs. New structural connections and upgrades at columns and beams were added to prevent movement or damage from earthquakes. Windows were subdivided by adding new structural supports to reduce wind pressure and prevent window deflection and leakage.

Crews overcame this challenging scope within a tight schedule while working among multiple subcontractors. All units were fully occupied over the course of the project. Charter’s experienced defect repair team communicated effectively with owners and architects to ensure successful completion.

Architect: Soltner Group Architects
Location: Sammamish, Washington
Jacobs Creek Condominiums Video