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Gull-Val Condominiums - The Amento Group

Gull-Val Condominiums

Gull-Val Condominiums, located in Redmond, WA, was built in 1979 and is comprised of five buildings with a total of 78 condominiums. Like many 70s era buildings, Gull-Vall Condominiums complex has several large trees on the property. The age of the buildings combined with the debris falling onto the roofs from the trees had led to wood rot and damage to the building’s roofs and exterior walls. Deferred maintenance on the buildings’ gutter had also taken a toll on the roof sheathing and the buildings’ overhands. The roofing membrane had been absorbing standing water for decades due to this issue. Water had also penetrated beneath the original weather protective layer under the siding, which led to additional wood rot. After assessing the buildings and the damage sustained over the years, it was determined that all five buildings needed a complete envelope remediation.

The remediation project began with Charter team members replacing the buildings’ failing siding with HardiePlank fiber cement siding, new plywood, and a weather protective layer. A full roof replacement for all five buildings and the carports was completed using asphalt shingles. These shingles were chosen because they deliver a combination of cost effectiveness, easy maintenance—even in heavily forested areas, and a wide range of aesthetic choices. All of the windows were replaced with new windows and trim. One of the challenges on this project was that all five buildings are unique. Maintaining a uniform look with window trim, siding details, and columns took extra planning and effort but the Charter team was successful in creating a cohesive look throughout the complex.

Once work had commenced, a new area of concern was brought to the Charter team’s attention. The carport beams showed signs of wood rot and had also sustained damage from residents parking their cars over the years. The carports were emptied for inspection. A structural engineer conducted a thorough inspection of the carports and concluded that several of the existing beams lacked the integrity to sustain the weight of the roof. The engineer recommended replacing the compromised beams and also adding bracing components. Charter completed the repairs and additions within a timely manner to allow the residents, who remained in their units throughout the construction process, to go back to using their carports as quickly as possible.

The unit decks and breezeways were waterproofed to protect them from the substantial amounts of precipitation in the Pacific Northwest. Charter also installed new, upgraded house fans in each unit’s master bathroom. These fans, along with the new windows and air barriers, are a key part of the overall objective to seal these buildings. Also, the whole house fans run on timers that will prevent humidity and condensation problems in the future.

Architect: Redmond, WA
Location: The Amento Group
Gull-Val Condominiums - The Amento Group