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Summerwood Village - Tigard, OR

Summerwood Village

Summerwood Village, located in Tigard, Oregon, is made up of nine buildings with a total of 52 townhouse units. This was an extensive renovation project that included new roofing, deck repairs, and several repairs that were necessary because of issues with the original construction.

The roofing on Summerwood Village had been repaired in the past, but at this point the materials were failing and the roof had to be completely replaced. The decks were also in such disrepair they could not be salvaged. When originally built, the units’ sliding glass doors were not installed correctly, which had led to water intrusion into the framed wall assemblies below. Around the windows, doors, and at other envelope penetrations, the cladding components were showing signs of failure. The grade clearances around the lower perimeters of the buildings were not made large enough when the building was constructed and this led to damaged cladding and framing.

A complete roof replacement with new roof-to-wall transitions was completed and new diverters, gutters, and downspouts were also installed - a full new assembly. Every window and door in the complex was removed, flashed correctly, and reinstalled. The sliding glass doors, which lead to the residents’ decks, also received new door pans to protect the surrounding building components from water damage and deterioration. Composite decking materials and pressure treated framing and railings were used to construct new, durable decks that can withstand the rainy PNW weather. Siding was replaced when necessary to address the integration of windows with the building envelope, and new base of wall details were added to stop the damage that was occurring because of the lack of grade clearance.

This was a challenging work site in many ways, but Charter’s project team worked around the difficulties and made sure processes were still safe and efficient. The job site was small and there was minimal area for materials drop off, pickup, and storage so that had to be carefully planned and maintained. Materials arrived in 52’ semi-trailers, which were too big to drive onto the site. The materials had to be unloaded in the street during low traffic hours. In many instances, the property can only be accessed by foot. This meant that machinery and equipment had to be operated in specific, sometimes limited, areas. Summerwood Village backs up to a protected wetland so measures had to be taken to control erosion and the permits for the construction were more complicated but that did not slow down our progress. The budget was tight and repairs were specifically targeted to make the most of every dollar spent. The residents were responsible for window replacements so Charter prepared a bid for each resident and worked with them individually to get this part of the project completed.

Architect: West Coast Forensics
Location: Tigard, OR
Summerwood Village - Tigard, OR