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St. Anthony’s Parish - Portland, OR

St. Anthony’s Parish

Charter Construction worked with St. Anthony’s Parish in Portland to renovate four buildings, Parish Hall, Child Center, Residence House, and its detached garage. Initially, the scope of work was to repaint, make minor trim repairs, and apply sealant at the Parish Hall and the Child Center. The Residence House and its attached garage would receive a full siding reclad, new windows, and the security door on the garage would be upgraded to a new, more secure door.

Once onsite, Charter’s Project Manager determined that some locations that were being repaired were missing head flashing, or the head flashing was incorrectly caulked to the siding above it. The head flashing had to be replaced and recaulked in these locations and one course of siding directly above the repairs also had to be replaced. Minor repairs were also done to the buildings’ roofs after issues were spotted by Charter staff.

The Residence House and its detached garage were completely reclad in new siding and all of the buildings’ windows were replaced. The reclad was completed by a subcontractor and managed by Charter. But work had to be done to upgrade the Residence House’s insulation before the reclad could begin. Upon investigation, Charter found that instead of traditional insulation, the Residence House had sawdust in between the drywall and the siding. Charter removed all of the sawdust and used blown insulation to properly insulate the building before the siding reclad began. This project was completed on time and did not go over budget, even with the additional repairs that were necessary.

Architect: J2 Building Consultants
Location: Portland, OR
St. Anthony’s Parish - Portland, OR