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Scholls Village - Tigard, OR

Scholls Village

Scholls Village, located in Tigard, Oregon, is a 24 building, 105-unit residential community. The original project scope was to recoat the property’s decks, but a deeper inspection exposed several issues that had to be dealt with before a recoat could occur. Also, there were large conifer trees above many of the decks, which could have led to debris falling into the topcoating before it dried. The work site had to be prepped in a way that prevented this from happening.

When the decks were originally installed, the surface was not properly prepped before the decks were sealed, this led to issues when Charter began the recoat process. Charter’s project team conducted pull tests to see how various treatments would perform on the deck’s surface and to select the best option. Unfortunately, all of the tests failed and in some places large pieces of deck coating were peeling up off the surface.

Charter had to re-start the deck recoat by grinding down the existing deck coating so that the coating would properly adhere. Once the decks were properly prepared, Tremco topcoat was applied to all the decks. The project was tented, first to avoid any issues with debris falling into the topcoat, and then for weather proofing when the rainy season began.

Several small, but essential opportunities for repairs were spotted during the preparation process. Additional budget and time for these repairs was negotiated with the client to ensure decks that were safe, durable, and in the best possible condition when the project was completed.
Scholls Village - Tigard, OR