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The Gallery in Belltown - Seattle, WA The Gallery in Belltown - Seattle, WA The Gallery in Belltown - Seattle, WA

The Gallery in Belltown

Gallery in Belltown Condominiums, located in Seattle, WA is a 13-story, 231-unit residential high-rise that was built in 2008. Charter’s crews performed extensive repairs to fix firestopping problems throughout the hallways, stairwells and units located within the building. Additional scope included repairs to balconies, parking garage floors and glass curtain walls.

Charter performed firestopping repairs by opening various gypsum walls and ceilings to access the areas of concern. Crews installed fire caulking in the affected areas, then replaced and refinished the drywall. Five three hundred and fifty pound concrete plank decks were removed and reinstalled to perform sealant and foam repairs as well. Crews removed window sections to install trickle vents in the curtain walls. New smaller IGU glass was installed to accommodate the smaller window section. To repair the existing cracks in the garage, Charter’s crews used a concrete injection system to fill in the cracks found throughout the underground garage.

The Gallery in Belltown project required careful coordination by Charter’s skilled team to ensure the fast paced schedule was met, while paying strict attention to safety while navigating the tricky jobsite. The dense urban location coupled with working in occupied units added additional complexity to the project.

Architect: Amento Group
Location: Seattle, WA
The Gallery in Belltown - Seattle, WA