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Camelot Apartments - Everett, WA

Camelot Apartments

Camelot Apartments, a five building, 480-unit complex located in Everett, is undergoing a complete renovation to both the buildings and parking garage. Leaking roofs and parapets will require crews to completely remove and replace the roof. To keep the buildings dry while work is completed, crews will construct an inflatable temporary roof bubble to encapsulate the exposed areas from the rainy Northwest winter season.

Charter’s crews will also remove the existing siding and trim, replacing it with new Hardie fiber-cement board. While the siding is removed, new windows and deck corner boot flashings will be installed. Extensive repairs to the courtyard will be needed to fix leaks throughout the parking garage. The existing drainage system doesn’t function correctly and will be completely re-worked and new precast concrete panels will be installed. 

Architect: Mark Travers Architect
Location: Everett, WA
Camelot Apartments - Everett, WA