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Waterfront Landings - Pike Place, Seattle, Washington

Waterfront Landings

Originally built in 1997, Waterfront Landings is a three building residential community located on Seattle’s waterfront. The property overlooks Elliot Bay and due to close proximity to the water, the age of the buildings and Seattle’s naturally wet climate, there is need for substantial rot repair. Charter’s crews will remove the existing stucco siding. New stucco will be installed, but with a rain screen system for better breathability and airflow. 

The aging windows will be removed and reinstalled with new waterproofing materials and new deck coatings and railings will be installed. Keeping residents and pedestrians safe is the main focal point for Charter while construction progresses at the Waterfront Landings project. The 232 units will remain occupied during construction. The project location also makes the property a hot spot for walking to many of Seattle’s most exciting attractions including Pier 66, the Seattle Aquarium and Pike Place Market. The project management team will work closely with the building’s management and Charter’s safety team to ensure all safety measures are not only met, but exceeded as well.

Architect: RDH Building Sciences
Location: Pike Place, Seattle, Washington
Waterfront Landings - Pike Place, Seattle, Washington