Custom Homes - Winter's Fast Approach

December 12, 2017
Here in the Pacific Northwest winter can arrive with little notice and usher in freezing temperatures that can adversely affect our homes.   In the interest of creating a starting point for homeowner preparation, we are providing a short checklist of key points to remember as we quickly approach the colder season.Peter Saladino, President, Charter Construction

Winter Preparation Checklist

You’re not really ready until your home is protected from the rain, snow and ice storms that come with a Northwest winter.  Your home is a valuable investment and with Charter’s team of skilled craftworkers and dedicated managers, you can rest assured it will be well cared for...
  • Clean gutters & downspouts
  • Inspect & clean trench & storm drains
  • Inspect perimeter of house for proper 
  • drainage away from building
  • Drain exterior spigots & insulate
  • Drain & shut off irrigation system
  • Inspect roof flashings
  • Inspect & clean roofing
  • Remove window screens & install storm windows
  • Inspect weather-stripping around doors and windows
  • Inspect siding and exterior building penetrations
  • Check soffits for moisture build up
  • Inspect attic vents for any blockages
  • Inspect HVAC system 
  • Replace furnace filter & inspect ductwork
  • Winterize air conditioner
Simply print a copy of this email and use it as a starting point for your home winterization action steps.   For 34 years, Charter Construction has built custom homes and commercial buildings and performed remediation, reconstruction and repairs. As always, if you have any questions regarding your home or building, our seasoned team of professionals is prepared to assist you with your construction needs.  

Please contact our Team at 206-382-1900 in Seattle or 503-546-2600 in Portland.  

Very Truly Yours,  

Peter Saladino
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