Take care of your gutters, and they’ll take care of you

October 21, 2019
When it comes to our home, there are many domestics foes that we all try to keep at bay. One of the most insidious is water. Ok, insidious is a strong word, obviously water isn’t out to get us like in a horror film (Happy Halloween), but that doesn’t negate the harmful effects of clogged gutters and downspouts. 

It’s easy to hold on to those romantic feelings as we sit back and watch the leaves change, but don’t wait too long to act. Here are just a few reasons why those gutters and downspouts should be kept clear.

1. Extra Weight
Extra weight, caused by clogs, stresses fasteners that hold gutters to the house. Eventually, they detach, leaving space for water to get through; this leads to damaged soffits, shingles, fascia, and paint. Further damage is caused when water gets into the basement, that’s when the real headache begins. 

2. Standing water 
Water and debris are the perfect breeding ground for insect and rodent infestations. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the top of your gutters, hopefully, you have a strong stomach and be sure you take safety precautions. 

3. Shingle damage
Cracks that form on damaged shingles can let in water, causing leaks inside your home. Now, you have two problems. 

4. Unsightly
Clogged gutters are just ugly. Your neighbors will likely thank you when that bundle of leaves is removed, and you’ll also feel better about yourself. It’s those small daily accomplishments that keep us going. 

5. More trees, more clogs
Pacific NW trees are beautiful, but depending on the number of trees surrounding your house or condo, your gutters may need to be cleaned multiple times throughout the year. 

6. Wrong Size
If you have overflow issues frequently, your gutter system may be improperly sized. Sometimes larger downspouts and clean-outs can prevent problems down the line.

The above are only a few reasons we all need to keep our gutters and downspouts clear. But beware - if you decide to do the work yourself, please be safe. Ladder safety is vitally important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Most ladder injuries occur from 10 feet or less. If this bit of DIY work is daunting to you, hire a professional who is licensed and bonded to perform the job. 

Above all else, feel good you’re prepared for the impending weather and then go and have fun on the ski slopes. 

We hope this is helpful. If you have questions, email charter@chartercon.com.
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