Building Safely--The True Measure of Success

With this email/blog we look at the topic of safety based on expert insight from one of our team members, Elske Finnoe, who serves as our Charter Safety Director.  

Elske has done an exceptional job in overseeing our safety program.  She provides strong leadership every day and is unwavering in her commitment to keeping our employees and clients safe.  The article below is based on her many years of successful work in the construction safety arena. 

Peter Saladino, President, Charter Construction

Building Safely--The True Measure of Success
By Elske Finnoe, Charter Safety Director 

I joined Charter Construction in 2009 and have been involved from the beginning in overseeing risk management for both our Charter team and our customers. For me, the approach is both simple – and personal; that’s because I treat the topic of safety on all our projects as if I was protecting my own real family. 

Because Charter is my “family,” and since all of us care a great deal about our customers, I make it my goal to ensure that every team member can do construction work life-long, injury-free, and without ever needing to be retained for a less satisfying role in another industry due to a preventable injury. This also extends to those we serve – with every project Charter Construction undertakes. 

This mind-set means that I am available 24/7 to oversee, and respond to, issues ranging from personal Charter family-member issues to the most high-risk safety protocols onsite at any of our ongoing projects. Because we commonly work on occupied buildings, this responsibility can range from ensuring that an elderly person who relies on a walker for mobility has safe passage, to our team members’ safety while working on the roof of a multi-story building – and everything in between. 

Even though we constantly have upwards of 50 projects underway in the Portland and Seattle regions, I seek to visit each jobsite regularly to ensure that best practices remain in place for the protection of our team and our customers. I am known to be very tenacious in making certain that everyone is safe – and happy – within all our safety measures. As a result, clients often remark that they are pleased to see me every week and to know that we are diligent throughout the construction process. 

Sometimes safety practices can seem minor. Yet, as these practices involve protecting people from injury, nothing is too small. In fact, statistically, there is a greater risk of serious injury from less than six feet in elevation than there is from ten feet or higher. Even a stumble by a customer who is not used to having an extension cord running across their living room can be as unsafe as better-known, high-risk, activity like work around cranes, on rooftops, or high on a lift outside a building. 

Overall, people see our safety practices and regularly comment that they are appreciative of our efforts. They feel safe themselves and tell me they are not “worried” about the well-being of our team members as the project on their home or building moves from beginning through to completion. 

I love my role at Charter Construction- and I do all I can to protect my “family” and everyone we together are privileged to serve!  

Thank you Elske, for your insights and – most of all – for your untiring efforts to keep all of us and our clients safe and injury-free.  

Charter Construction has performed Repairs, Renovations, and New Construction for 34 years.  We are also ready to respond 24/7 to water, fire and storm emergencies. As always, if you have any questions regarding your home or building, our seasoned team of professionals is prepared to assist you with your construction needs.  Please contact our Team at 206-382-1900 in Seattle or 503-546-2600 in Portland.

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