Charter Construction: Employee Owned and Developing Future Leaders

Being a vibrant, cost-effective contractor that provides excellent quality to our clients and business partners is one of our most vital goals at Charter Construction. As we kick-off the new year, we want to share some of the important changes that help us achieve that goal.

A change that many of you already know about is that Charter Construction has become an employee-owned company. That means that there are no middlemen between you and owners. When you are talking to a Charter employee, you are talking to an Owner!

Another vital goal at Charter is to develop and support team members to achieve their highest poten-tial. As one of our core values, this has been front and center over the past couple of years as we have positioned ourselves for some exciting leadership transitions.

“In many instances, a number of these people started on the end of a shovel,” said Charter Construc-tion President Eric Jackson. “Now they’re in positions of leadership.

Executive Leadership

In January, Peter Saladino was named Chairman of Charter Construction and Eric Jackson took over as the President of Charter. Both Peter and Eric started on the end of a shovel and worked their way up through the ranks. Early in his career at Charter, Peter developed what is now our Remedia-tion/Renovation Team. Later, he oversaw regional and business line diversification and significant growth of the Company. As a young Project Manager, Eric was ‘boots on the ground” in opening the Oregon office of Charter in 2004 and has led its steady, solid growth. Eric and Peter together made the decision to transition their ownership of Charter to employees in 2015.

As Chairman, Peter is actively involved in setting Charter’s strategic direction and in developing Char-ter’s future leaders and niches. Eric is leading Charter’s day-to-day activities company-wide and ex-pects to continue to build a dynamic, diverse organization.

To make these changes possible, leaders have been being developed in other parts of the Company.

Commercial Team

Luke Hagler became Charter’s Commercial Team leader in late 2017. Luke has been at Charter for 23 years, working his way up the ranks from the field to project engineer, to project manager and senior project manager. He earned the trust of his team, became its leader and is now an integral part of Charter’s Leadership Group.

Custom Homes

John Ellertson was promoted to Charter’s Custom Homes Operations Manager in 2017. Charter’s roots are in Custom Homes and John has been part of that team for over a dozen years. John is a great fit for the job with over 25 years of field and project management experience, and a dual degree in Construction Management and Architecture. Look for more on John and the Custom Homes Team in the coming months as we launch our rebrand of this core business line!

Oregon Operations

Ray Myers was promoted to Operations Manager for the Oregon Disaster Solutions and Specialty Projects Team and Garret Reynolds was promoted to Operations Manager for Oregon Remediation Team.

Ray has over 20 years of construction experience and was in the Oregon office from the early days. He rapidly worked his way up the ranks from the field to project management and now, to operational leadership. Ray’s team performs hundreds of jobs each year, so his leadership skills, ability to be organized and his deep understanding of construction are key elements of his success.

Likewise, Garret Reynolds has been with Charter for over 10 years and has been instrumental in developing Charter’s large projects team in Oregon. Garret is a top-notch project manager with an effective and easy style that make him a favorite with clients and a trusted leader of his group. Both Ray and Garret are process driven and work to provide our clients with excellent service, high quality, budget-driven results.

These are people you can count on and this is just part of the deep bench at Charter. We look forward to continuing to help you build your dreams!
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