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Jason Lee Manor - Salem, OR
Jason Lee Manor - Salem, OR Jason Lee Manor - Salem, OR Jason Lee Manor - Salem, OR
Jason Lee Manor - Salem, OR Jason Lee Manor - Salem, OR

Jason Lee Manor

Jason Lee Manor, a 75-unit assisted-living apartment building in Salem, Oregon, had developed several issues as the buildings aged. The roof was damaged and the cladding system had failed. Lead paint had been identified in several locations and asbestos was present in some roofs and around the skylights.

There were also environmental issues, including standing water that touched the building in multiple locations and trees that grew too close to the building. Safety issues including outdated wiring and missing smoke and CO2 (carbon dioxide) detectors in the 1-bedroom units. Charter got to work fixing these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure the continued safety and comfort of the building’s elderly residents.

The Charter team worked with a certified abatement contractor for safe removal of the asbestos and lead paint and a roofing contractor to replace the roof and correct and roof-related issues. The onsite drainage system was evaluated and improved, which eliminated the standing water issues. After removing five overgrown trees, the trees were milled into lumber that was used to build a storage shed for the apartment building. The GFCI receptacles in each apartment’s kitchen were replaced and new combination smoke/CO2 detectors were added to the bedrooms that needed them, ensuring that the units were safe for residents.

Extreme caution had to be used on this project because hazardous materials were located in many areas of the job site. Also, Charter employees worked inside units that were occupied by seniors with disabilities. Our employees were careful to consider the needs of the residents at all stages of the project. The tall trees that had to be removed grew very close to the building, parking lot, and power lines. Safety was a vital concern and Charter carefully coordinated with the crane operator removing the trees so that the safety of the jobsite was always maintained. The comprehensive repairs made to JLM ensure the residents are able to live in a safe and comfortable environment for years to come. Phase 2 of this project will include further interior and exterior upgrades.

Architect: West Coast Forensics
Location: Salem, OR
Jason Lee Manor - Salem, OR