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Willowbrook Terrace

The Willowbrook Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation facility experienced substantial flooding after a dam upstream on the McKay Reservoir released water due to extreme spring rains in March of 2019.  The 32,286 SF, 60-unit facility located in Pendleton, Oregon lies parallel to the McKay Creek.  When the creek rose due to the dam opening, a substantial portion of the facility became flooded, causing significant damage to the entire facility and required Charter’s disaster solutions and reconstruction team to quickly come up with a construction repair plan to get the facility fully operational as quickly as possible.  

The safety of Willowbrook’s residents and employees and the liveability of the community were paramount.  Some construction activities were completed at night and specialized negative air systems and barrier walls were used to manage dust and odor and limit access in order to maintain a safe working environment.

Damaged materials such as drywall, electrical and flooring were removed. Charter worked closely with the Oregon Healthcare Administration during the permitting process to ensure all new materials being installed were approved. New flooring, electrical, plumbing, ceiling and lighting upgrades were installed. Significant upgrades to the existing HVAC and elevator were completed as well. Several key components of the elevator were replaced to meet current code standards.  Several improvements and new components were installed, including the elevator jack, power valve, tank motor and pump, fire control systems and electrical and cab upgrades.

In four short months, Charter’s project team quickly turned the flooded Willowbrook Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation facility into an improved facility with modern upgrades that residents and employees will enjoy for years to come.  Through careful planning and teamwork, Charter worked closely with the owners and state regulatory officials to ensure that project expectations were not only met, but exceeded.  
Willowbrook Terrace -