Cassi Bongs a first-year carpenter apprentice with Charter, is currently on a job in Bellevue performing rot repair and framing. However, during our interview, she was excited to say that she recently was moved inside to perform finish carpentry, "I love the intricacy and details of finished carpentry,” Cassi said.

Since Cassi was a little kid she loved to build things, "Ever since I was a little kid, I used to build forts in my grandparent's woods in Northern Minnesota, and now I get to use power tools - it just gets bigger and better."
As a project engineer for Charter Construction's commercial team, Kenani Brandon happily tackles all facets of the behind-the-scenes work and we're so glad she joined as one of our newest employees.

Charter recently finished Encore, an affordable housing apartment building in Belltown. Kenani not only worked on the close-out of Encore but on a new build (name to come) starting this summer. She states, "I gain a lot of satisfaction from creating something that wasn't there before."

The idea of "doing things right" runs deep throughout Charter and is in our DNA. And, Kenani brings this same attitude to her desk each day on the job, "I want things to be done well and also be proud of what I accomplish."

Kenani's passion for building is evident as she describes the joy she gets from seeing drawings on paper come to life in the built environment.
How do construction companies do it? Build things, hire good people, and keep the books straight? With Charter - we have many disparate business lines that require multiple levels of awareness for the numbers. Sarah Taylor helps drive that awareness and does it well.

She Celebrates 5-Years at Charter Construction, and we don't know where we'd be without this subject matter expert in the special world of construction accounting. It takes a quick mind to keep construction books straight.

A life-long learner, Sarah is almost finished with her master's degree in finance. Her expertise is bar-none and we're grateful to have her on our team.
Portland's two Home Owner Liaisons (HOL) act as the front lines of customer service for Charter Construction. The HOL relays homeowner's concerns to the field so we can quickly respond. With Lori's many, many years of customer service, the way we work is only made possible with her piece of the puzzle.

Between the hours of 9-5, if the phone is ringing it's most likely for Lori. She answers the phone with a kind "hello" making any person feel at ease. It's there where Lori's sincerity helps all homeowners discuss their problems so she can quickly fix issues.

Lori states, "I love working with the residents, customer service is my thing..." Even in the most challenging situations, her love definitely comes across.
"It's hard to work in a man's world, but not impossible. I've found unity, care, and workmanship that's rarely found in a job." A beautiful quote from Susan Rivera, a Charter employee since 2017.

Susan runs across the county working on multiple job sites, but that's what she likes about her job. Many of the projects have commonalities but at the same time, she expects something new with a few "crazy curve balls" as she puts it.

She talks about construction almost as a jazz musician speaks about their music, "at times, we have to improvise and find the right way to present a great product." She likens projects to deserts, unearthing a forgotten treasure, that with some TLC and teamwork it can become something amazing. Susan has such a beautiful way to look at the world, thank you for this treasure.
We want to continue and recognize Lisa, our Lead Homeowner Liaison (HOL). If she's not communicating with and helping our clients, she's mentoring and teaching our other HOL's to offer our clients great customer service each and every day.

For 13 years we've had the pleasure of Lisa's experience. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the company ranging from commercial, residential, and industrial construction. She's proud of her work since starting at the young age of 15 years old.

Our HOLs manage the customer service front lines, which is no easy task. Lisa believes honesty is the best policy while dealing with not only our clients but the internal teams and departments.
There's no shortage of work on the construction site or in the office. And, if there's something one needs, usually there's one person that has all the answers; in Portland, that person is Katie Dibartolo.

What do you need? HR orientation, project coordination, office administration, event supervision, accounting. Well, that's only a shortlist of what Katie does on a daily basis. Is there anything she doesn't do?

Katie helps keep the trains moving on time and also acts as a short respite for those who need a brighter day. Katie says, "I love the fast-paced environment here in the office, and my personality really fits well with that."