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Avamere at Stafford - Lake Oswego, Oregon

Avamere at Stafford

Charter Construction began an exterior repair project at Avamere Stafford Retirement Community in Lake Oswego, Oregon, in the fall of 2019. Originally, the project was an exterior refresh that included replacing damaged caulk and trim around the building exterior and then repainting the entire building. Once onsite, Charter employees advised Avamere when they spotted repairs that looked necessary or overdue and the project grew over time.

Avamere owns and manages hundreds of retirement homes across the United States and many of them are located in Oregon. This project was the first collaboration between Charter and Avamere and there are more projects planned in the future, so this was an important opportunity for Charter to build a positive working relationship while demonstrating our commitment to always deliver the highest quality construction in the industry.

Charter used a team of about four people to complete the caulk and trim part of the project. The three story building’s exterior was prepped and the entire exterior was repainted. In addition, it was determined that targeted trim and sealant replacements were needed in various locations on the building and those repairs were done as well.

On the main level of the building, two of the decks had major dry rot issues so those decks were completely replaced. The decks on the third floor of the building are covered in trellis roofing, which was failing for the majority of the units. Charter removed the failed roofing and replaced it with new roofing that matched the existing materials perfectly for seamless repairs.

The project had a specific deadline and if that deadline was not met then Charter would incur liquidated damages, which means that Charter would be charged a fee for every day the project went past the deadline. This project’s timeline was carefully managed so that the deadline was met, no fees were incurred, and Charter was able to deliver all of the repairs, replacements, and improvements as promised and at budget.

Architect: J2 Building Consultants
Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon
Avamere at Stafford - Lake Oswego, Oregon