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Four Freedoms - Seattle, WA
Four Freedoms - Seattle, WA Four Freedoms - Seattle, WA

Four Freedoms

In 1964 the Sanford Hildenbrandt Tower was built, or what is also known as the Four Freedoms Apartments, located just north of Seattle, WA in Bitter Lake. It was built for and still runs as a community of independent living for senior citizens with a second tower built in 1980.  

55 years is a long time, and Four Freedoms was in-need of an extensive remodel - Charter was here to assist. We performed plumbing upgrades throughout both towers, including faucets and toilets as well as electrical upgrades and new lighting fixtures. New carpet, paint, entry doors, and kitchens were replaced throughout various floors of both towers.

Due to the age of Tower 1, there are many nonconforming features in this building. Charter will work closely with the City of Seattle to develop the best possible solutions for these issues as they arise. The site itself presented challenges. First, onsite parking was non-existent for Charter team members, and storage for materials was limited.  Second, during construction, many residents were relocated while their unit was under construction. Otherwise, apartments were occupied during construction. Third, many residents had mobility and/or language barriers. Charter always worked to minimize the impact of construction on residents and the Superintendent and Project Manager communicated daily with the owner and building managers.

This project has a twelve-month schedule with extra time built in to manage unexpected delays. The Charter team plans to keep the project tightly scheduled to meet deadlines; while the Project Manager and Superintendent continually update the owner and property management team each step of the way and will deal with issues that arise quickly and efficiently. Proven subcontractors ensure that work is continuous and of the highest quality. These skilled subcontractors, along with our experienced team members will ensure that construction proceeds quickly and with minimal disruptions to residents.

Architect: Clark Barnes Architects
Location: Seattle, WA
Four Freedoms - Seattle, WA