Heat Stress
The effects of heat stress range from simple discomfort to dehydration, heat exhaustion and life-threatening heat stroke. Too much heat can cause fatigue, hurt job performance and increase the chance of injury. Heat stress also makes it difficult to concentrate on the job, which can be hazardous.  

Has Old Man Winter Moved Into Your Home?
With over half of winter behind us, warmer weather and sunshine are just over the horizon. But is your home a victim of Old Man Winter, and if so, how would you know and when should you look to hire an Exterior Renovation Contractor to fix it?

One of the easiest signs to see is an increase in your energy bill. Damage to windows and sealants can result from years of harsh winter and summer months. Once damage to these facets of your home occurs, it’s harder to retain heat, which in turn contributes to a higher energy bill. Weather also has a significant effect on the siding and roof of your home. Strong winds, precipitation, water, and temperature changes can affect siding causing blistering, hail damage, fading, dry rot, loosening, and more. Any number of damages to your siding can leave the structure and interior susceptible to larger problems. While keeping an eye out for damage to the exterior of your home sounds easy enough, once you see damage, it may be too late.

Charter Construction: Employee Owned and Developing Future Leaders
Being a vibrant, cost-effective contractor that provides excellent quality to our clients and business partners is one of our most vital goals at Charter Construction. As we kick-off the new year, we want to share some of the important changes that help us achieve that goal.

The Do's and Don'ts of Fire Damage Claims
In continuing our ongoing series of the Disaster Dos-and-Don'ts, we'll be providing insights of proper steps to follow in the event of fire.

Like some floods, fires can be a very traumatic experience with stress and turmoil lasting months or years after the incident. Not only could injuries have been suffered, but the damage to your home and property can include burns, soot, smoke and even water damage - which can feel like an eternity to get back to normal.

While these times are always stressful, having a plan and knowing what to do in the situation can make a world of difference.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Water Damage Claims
Damage to your property is not only financially straining, but emotionally taxing as well. Having a plan and knowing the proper steps of filing and dealing with a claim beforehand, can help make the process of getting your life back to normal a whole lot easier. To help, we’ll be outlining the do’s and don’ts of various claims in a new blog series.

To kick things off, we’ll be taking a look at one of the most common claims in the Pacific Northwest – Water Damage.

Building Safely--The True Measure of Success
With this email/blog we look at the topic of safety based on expert insight from one of our team members, Elske Finnoe, who serves as our Charter Safety Director.  

Elske has done an exceptional job in overseeing our safety program.  She provides strong leadership every day and is unwavering in her commitment to keeping our employees and clients safe.  The article below is based on her many years of successful work in the construction safety arena. 

Peter Saladino, President, Charter Construction

Building a Winner - Extraordinary Projects
Over the years I have had the privilege to work on many projects with our Charter team. Each project has its own way of bringing a great deal of satisfaction both to our team as well as to our many satisfied customers.

Spaghetti, Showers and Interior Moisture Management
Water on your interior window sill is not always a sign of water intrusion originating from the exterior side of your home.  Sometimes, condensation on your windows is the direct result of moisture that is generated from inside the home

Within every home there are many interior sources of water vapor. These sources include toilets, sinks, showers, baths, dishwashers, people, pets, cooking (especially when steaming or boiling food), as well as washers and dryers.  When this vapor comes in contact with cooler services such as window glazing, it condenses. 

Over the decades, increased energy-efficiency codes have led to “tighter” homes that, when not properly designed, can lead to excess moisture vapor inside the home and increased condensation.

The 6 Keys to Responding to Emergency Water Leaks
Damage to your home caused by water leaks can be one of the more devastating things one experiences. Clearly, the ideal scenario is to prevent this from occurring in the first place – a topic we have discussed at some length on previous email articles.

That said, sometimes the undesirable and unexpected happens. So, when a pipe breaks or another event occurs that causes water to be released where it doesn’t belong, it is essential to know how to respond.

Custom Homes - Winter's Fast Approach
Here in the Pacific Northwest winter can arrive with little notice and usher in freezing temperatures that can adversely affect our homes.  

In the interest of creating a starting point for homeowner preparation, we are providing a short checklist of key points to remember as we quickly approach the colder season.

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