Ten Things I’ve Learned as An Award-Winning Superintendent: Part 1
With our last email/blog we began a new series based on expert insight from one of our team members who has been recognized as an award-winning superintendent. We began by providing a video interview of one of our satisfied commercial property developers who has worked with our General Superintendent, Ed Coke.  In part one of this series, we provide the first 5 of 10 insights that Ed has gleaned from his many years of successful leadership.

Sasquatch Breath Coming from your Gutters? Five Keys to Protecting your Home’s Exterior Finishes.
The best way to preserve and protect the value of your home is to prevent problems before they begin. With that in mind, we have curated the top five tips from our expert team here at Charter for protecting and maintaining the exterior of your home...

For some, employee ownership is best fit
The partners at Charter Construction had long agreed on a plan for when company president Peter Saladino retired. But as that time drew nearer, they began to wonder if the transition strategy that had worked when company founder Frank Firmani passed the leadership reins to Saladino was still the right one for the Seattle-headquartered company.

Contractor Selection for the Savvy Owner - Part Two
In Part One of this article, we covered 6 key steps to selecting a contractor to assist you with your construction needs.  In this article, we provide you with a detailed list of questions that should be asked when interviewing that contractor. These questions, coupled with our 6 previous suggestions, will provide you with an effective strategy for selecting the right contractor for your project.

Contractor Selection for the Savvy Owner - Part One
Savvy owners realize that contractor selection is a crucial decision.  Selection the right contractor will help you get the quality you want, at the right price, in the right time frame and the chance to work with people you like and respect.  In Part One of this article, we cover 6 key steps.

Water Intrusion and Your Pacific NW Home - Part 2
As we demonstrated in our first installment of this series, the Northwest’s climate is cause for home and commercial building owners to pay attention to signs that water penetration has begun. In part one we discussed the first 3 issues: gapping or cracking of sealants and coatings, rusting metals, flashings or fasteners, and crushing, bowing or shrinking (click here to read).

Water Intrusion and Your Pacific NW Home - Part 1
The Northwest’s climate is cause for home and commercial building owners to pay particular attention to signs that water penetration has begun.  In this first installment of a two-part series, we begin with the following 3 key signs that trouble is at hand:

Charter is in the news: At Northwest firms with ESOPs, employees act like they own the place
Charter is in the news: Peter Saladino was recently featured in the Seattle Times discussing the new employee stock ownership program at Charter Construction! Check out the article here.

My Pipes Burst!! Who Shall I Call First?
Last month we wrote about, “What You Can Do to Prevent Frozen Pipes.” If you did not get a chance to read that article, click here to do so. In addition to cold-weather issues, plumbing failures can occur from a variety of issues, including manufacturing defects, plumbing components that reach the end of their useful life and develop leaks, or something as simple as a nail or screw that penetrates a pipe hidden behind the surface of the wall.

Frozen Pipes: Make the Call When the Flood Starts
In our last Blog we checked in with our own Charter team member, Bob Nelson, who provided eight tips on preventing pipes from freezing.