Senior Living, From our Family to Yours
"The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes." Fitting words from architect, designer, writer, and educator Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright believed in designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and their environment. We at Charter Construction apply a similar philosophy to our work with senior living communities; we take pride in treating residents with humanity so they can live in harmony.

Has Old Man Winter Moved Into Your Home?
With over half of winter behind us, warmer weather and sunshine are just over the horizon. But is your home a victim of Old Man Winter, and if so, how would you know and when should you look to hire an Exterior Renovation Contractor to fix it?

One of the easiest signs to see is an increase in your energy bill. Damage to windows and sealants can result from years of harsh winter and summer months. Once damage to these facets of your home occurs, it’s harder to retain heat, which in turn contributes to a higher energy bill. Weather also has a significant effect on the siding and roof of your home. Strong winds, precipitation, water, and temperature changes can affect siding causing blistering, hail damage, fading, dry rot, loosening, and more. Any number of damages to your siding can leave the structure and interior susceptible to larger problems. While keeping an eye out for damage to the exterior of your home sounds easy enough, once you see damage, it may be too late.

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